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Have you or someone you love suffered a serious injury? We can help you take your essential next steps. We handle auto accidents, big truck crashes, wrongful death and many other complicated injuries. Our team is available 24/7.

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Car Accidents

When you've been in a car wreck, you need an experienced lawyer to who knows the law to protect your interests and fight the compensation you deserve.

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Big Truck Accidents

The Hammer and his team serve victims involved in crashes with trucks and large commercial vehicles in all 50 states. We will take on the big insurance companies.

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Wrongful Death Cases

When somebody you love has died because of negligence or a wrongful act, we will help you seek justice and the compensation you and your family rightfully deserve.

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Car Accident Checklist

Prepare for the unexpected. Download, print and put this car accident checklist in your vehicle. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these next steps after a crash.

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When you come to us for help after you or somebody you love has been hurt you are getting the experience and skill of every attorney and legal support professional on our team.

Darryl Isaacs

Owner, Managing Partner Isaacs & Isaacs, P.S.C.

Darryl Isaacs, aka “The Hammer” founded this law firm dedicated to putting the best interests of each and every client first. He is a seasoned personal injury attorney with decades of experience in winning the best possible resolution for people who have been injured by somebody else’s negligence or wrongful act. Darryl believes that when somebody suffers a grievous injury which impairs their ability to work and take care of family or other responsibilities, the entire community is also harmed, which can be compared to throwing a stone into a pool of water and watching the ripples expand outwards. He and the entire team at Isaacs & Isaacs are passionately dedicated to protecting victims of car accidents, big truck and commercial vehicle wrecks, wrongful death, workplace injury, bad drugs, nursing home and child abuse.


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I got what I deserved!

When I got into an accident, Isaacs and Isaacs helped me get the money I deserved.

Samantha White - Truck Crash Client


Thanks Darryl Isaacs

I felt very vulnerable after my accident, Darryl Isaacs helped me get through it.

John Abraham - Car Accident Client


They made it easy!

They made it an easy process, I recommend them to anyone in need of an attorney.

Kathryn James - Truck Crash Client


A professional law firm.

Isaacs and Isaacs helped me get through the trying time and collect for my injuries.

George Miller - Car Accident Client

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