A Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisville or Lexington Helps

Welcome to our website, where we proudly offer personal injury attorney services throughout the entire state. A personal injury can happen fast! You never expect it to happen to you, but when it does, the personal injury lawyers at Isaacs and Isaacs are here to help you in Louisville, Lexington, and across the entire state.

After an accident, your life can get rough. Getting around with your injuries can cause you stress, but that’s only the beginning. Then you realize the headache of filling out the paperwork of your personal injury claim. You shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of you during this trying time. Our promise is to fight for the results you deserve. We have a commitment to each and every client that our experienced Lexington and Louisville personal injury lawyers will guide you through the messy process of getting the compensation you deserve. A lawyer from our firm will not only help you fill out paperwork, but they will also take care of any other needs you may have. Give a personal injury lawyer in Lexington or Louisville a call at 1-502-458-1000.

Isaacs & Isaacs is a personal injury law firm that employs paralegals and a competent support staff, and also work with a wide variety of accident reconstruction experts, detectives and other specialists. These experienced professionals enable us to thoroughly investigate your case and secure the compensation you deserve.

We handle accidents involving wrongful death, brain and spinal injuries, and other severe injuries that are caused by cars, trucks and other vehicles. We provide honest case evaluations, competent advice, and are skilled in litigating and negotiating on behalf of client cases.


Injured in Lexington or Louisville? Our Attorneys Have You Covered.

Louisville has a population over 597,000 and it is actually the largest city in Kentucky. Lexington is the second largest, with a population of over 295,000. With this many people, it’s easy to understand why so many personal injury accidents happen here.

When you’ve become a victim of negligence, there is no reason for guilt, fear, or hesitation when deciding to take legal action. Keep in mind, we are not holding anything against a single person. The party we will most likely be pursing is going to be an insurance company. They are obligated to cover your damages and they often refuse to lose money and just do what is right. That’s where we come along and force them to comply with the law. Remember: your settlement could become more unlikely the longer you wait.


We Work on Contingency
Lexington personal injury lawyer LouisvilleWhile court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client, we guarantee our best efforts by working on a contingency basis, which means you owe NOTHING to us until your settlement is officially won. This allows our Kentucky personal injury lawyer to give your case full attention, without raising financial concerns for you. Even if you have doubts, your consultations will be without any cost. Consulting with member from our skilled legal staff is an option that you can take part in at any hour for free. All it takes is “one call, that’s all!”


The Kentucky Hammer Nails Personal Injury Cases

When you have been harmed by the fault of another person, you want, need, and DESERVE repayment for the finances you lost through medical bills, work lost and other monetary damages. This is not just a selfish desire, you are legally entitled to this compensation. Let’s go get it! Call The Kentucky Hammer, Darryl Isaacs, and learn about what an attorney from the team at Isaacs & Isaacs can do for you when dealing with a personal injury.