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At Isaacs & Isaacs we understand that if you are visiting our site you may be dealing with trauma and injuries that you never thought were possible.

We have seen injuries rob clients of their health, livelihood and ability to work. Since day one it has been our mission to ensure our clients’ rights are always protected. This means standing up against insurance companies, large corporations and their attorneys who are interested more in denying your claim and not treating you fairly. We represent you and always have our client’s best interests in mind.

Darryl Isaacs – Founder of Isaacs & Isaacs Law Firm

After establishing himself as a seasoned personal injury lawyer in the Kentucky area, Darryl Isaacs decided to start his own law firm focused on putting clients first. Through his leadership and example Darryl has taught us how to pay close attention to the needs of our clients, which include responsiveness, customer service and transparency.

Darryl Isaacs


Sheldon Isaacs


The Isaacs & Isaacs Difference

Each lawyer, paralegal, and administrative professional on our team is trained to protect our client’s interests, no matter what. We are dogged in fighting for the rights of our clients. Many of our clients have suffered calamitous injuries and losses that have left them and their families low on funds. We work on a contingency fee basis only. We don’t get paid until you are paid.

Process followed by our law firm’s personal injury lawyers:

At Isaacs & Isaacs we follow a rigorous process with each of our clients that helps to ensure that they receive the representation and compensation they deserve. When we take your case our team of skilled attorneys and legal professionals will:

  • Review all accident/ injury details with you
  • Gather all additional facts and evidence related to the accident/injury
  • Listen to any concerns you may have
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Work on your case to determine cause, fault and/or negligence
  • Carefully gather and review all evidence related to your case
  • Develop a strategy in tandem with you to achieve maximum compensation
  • Work directly with involved insurance companies or take the case to court

If you need the help of a personal injury lawyer in Kentucky, Indiana or Ohio, Isaacs & Isaacs would be happy to set up a free case evaluation now. We’re here for you, day and night, ready to fight for the just compensation that is owed you. Contact us 24/7 at 800-800-8888 to start the process of regaining control of your life.