Todd A Greenwell - Isaacs & Isaacs
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100

Todd A. Greenwell holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Kentucky and graduated cum laude from Chase College of Law.

Todd handles each case with excellence, which has resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients. Todd is a proud member of the Kentucky Justice Association.

🗂 What types of case do you typically handle?

I normally handle cases related to auto injuries like:

💼 Can you discuss one case that you have handled at I & I that really stands out to you?

Yong man standing on sidewalk, leaing against a building waiting for his mother to pick him up from a wrestling event.

Driver was impatient with traffic and drove onto sidewalk pinning the young man between the car and the building.

The young man had a fractured femur and needed multiple skin and tissue grafts to save his leg.

🏛 What law school did you go to?

I went to the Chase College of Law – Northern Kentucky University (NKU).

🌎 What state(s) are you licensed to practice law?

In Kentucky

🗓 What year did you receive your licence to practice law?

I have been licensed since 1995.