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03 – Who Is At Fault In a Car Accident? – Ask the Hammer

Questions answered in this episode:
  • What are my next steps when I’m in a car accident that is not my fault?
  • What if the accident is my fault?
  • Should I admit it when it’s my fault?
  • How do “No Fault” states work?
  • What is the difference between negligence and an intentional act when it comes to fault?
  • What do I need to demonstrate in order to move forward with a car accident personal injury case?
  • How does a hit and run accident affect my ability to file a claim?
  • Our social media question of the week – the questions listeners Ask The Hammer
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02 – How Does Personal Injury Claims Process Work? – Ask the Hammer

Questions answered in this episode:
  • What will the agreement look like with a lawyer?
  • Money talk: “If we lose, you pay nothing!” How does contingent payment work?
  • How much do lawyers charge clients in personal injury cases?
  • What is a retainer and when is it used?
  • Does the law firm investigate my car accident?
  • How much do attorneys involve the client / victim in the claims process?
  • What kinds of documents and information do I bring to my first meeting with an attorney?
  • Our social media question of the week – the questions listeners Ask The Hammer
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Zombie Super Bowl Commercial Buzz – Darryl Isaacs, The Hammer

The Hammer & Zombies – Big Blue Kentucky Attention Kentucky Sports Radio and other notable outlets have been giving the team at Isaacs and Isaacs a big high five for The Hammer’s 2017 Zombie Super Bowl Commercial. In the February 6 episode of “Hey Kentucky” – the 30 minute discussion of sports, news and all […]
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01 – How Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Works – Ask the Hammer

Questions answered in this episode:
  • I’ve been injured, do I need a lawyer?
  • Where do I begin my search for an attorney?
  • What actions should I take to find a good personal injury attorney?
  • What questions should I ask a personal injury attorney to see if we have a fit?
  • What questions should I expect a personal injury attorney to ask me?
  • Our social media question of the week – the questions listeners Ask The Hammer
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Driver Fatigue is a Major Factor in Over 4,000 Deaths a Year

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, fatigued truckers are a leading cause of thousands of deaths a year on our highways.In 2014, the latest year where statistics are available, there were 3,978 large trucks and buses involved in fatal crashes.Many more people have been left permanently disabled from accidents with big commercial trucks. […]
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The Dangers of Texting and Driving Outweigh Any Benefits

According to the Federal Communications Commission, at any time of the day or night, 660,000 people are using electronic devices while driving in the United States. This number has held steady since the year 2010 despite warnings about how dangerous this activity is. What this tells us is that people are not taking the warnings […]
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School Bus Accident Statistics and Current Safety Issues

For most people with kids, it’s our worst nightmare for our child to be killed in an accident. Thankfully, compared to most collisions, school bus accidents are relatively rare, and when an accident does happen, children usually don’t suffer serious injuries. Although the statistics show low numbers of school bus-related fatalities, the number of kids […]
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Bicycle Safety Is Mostly About Defensive Riding

No matter how careful you are, bicycle riding can be dangerous. While most people do their best to pay attention and watch for cyclists, all it takes is one careless driver and a little bad luck, and you could find yourself in a horrific accident. The first thing you should understand when you are riding […]
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