Darryl Isaacs – The Hammer – and the team of attorneys team at Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers have listed below some of the important cases we have fought hard for and won for our clients. These cases include those who have been injured in auto accidents, motorcycle collisions, semi-truck and commercial vehicle accidents, bus crashes, pedestrian accidents and other incidents.
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The summaries below are of the cases that have resulted in victory – with favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients. Of course, every case is unique and its outcome will depend on the facts of the case and applicable law. Results in past cases are not a prediction of what the outcome will be in future cases. Please keep in mind that we have omitted personal names for confidentiality. You can always reach our truck accident law firm 24/7 to discuss your important case by calling (800) 800-8888.

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Our case results below are organized by Practice Area, click any below to jump to case details for that personal injury practice area.

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Big Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

$2.525 Million Settlement
A woman in her 70’s was stopped in traffic behind a semi-truck when a tanker truck rear-ended her from behind forcing her into the rear undercarriage of the semi in front of her. She ended up with a broken back, two broken legs, and several broken ribs from the collision.

$3.65 Million Settlement
Woman in her mid-60’s was severely injured when a semi-truck pulled out in front of her vehicle. She suffered extreme injuries to her neck and back and was in a coma for several weeks with a traumatic brain injury.

$1.25 Million Settlement
A husband and wife in their mid-50’s were struck by a UPS truck that disregarded a yield sign on a US highway. Their vehicle was crushed and they both suffered from severe broken bones and fractures. Both were taken by EMS to the nearest hospital for treatment of their injuries.

$1.325 Million Settlement
An 80-year-old man was attending to his broken down vehicle on the side of the road when his vehicle was struck in the rear by a semi-truck. The force pushed his vehicle directly into him as he was standing at the front of his vehicle. He was airlifted to the nearest hospital where he remained for several months for his injuries.

$1.274 Million Settlement
A mother and her minor daughter were in an accident with a negligent semi-truck driver who crossed the center line that ultimately resulted in the death of the daughter. The mother survived the accident with severe injuries and was flown from the accident scene to the nearest hospital.

$2.7 Million Settlement
A 30-year-old man was killed when a combine tractor’s wheels crossed over the center line of a two-lane road crushing the cab of his truck. He was survived by his twin son and special needs daughter.

$2.7 Million Settlement
A woman in her mid-50’s was ejected from her vehicle on impact by a man in a commercial pickup truck who ran a red light. Suffering on impact from loss of consciousness, an elbow and knee dislocation, as well as multiple fractures, she stayed a month in the hospital.

$1.1 Million Settlement
A woman in her mid-50’s was riding her lawnmower when she was backed into by a dump truck that had his vehicle in neutral with no required warning signals. She suffered multiple crushed bones to her foot and ankle as well as a month-long hospital stay where multiple surgeries had to be performed.

$3.5 Million Settlement
Woman struck head-on by a concrete truck when it began to slide into her lane of travel on a curved road. The passenger vehicle was crushed with the woman and a passenger inside. Once extracted from the vehicle by mechanic means, she was airlifted to the nearest hospital with severe left tricep wounds, a traumatic brain injury and a fractured right ankle.

$1.125 Million Settlement
40-year-old female fractured leg requiring surgery and installation of plates and screws. Fractured eye socket requiring surgery, collapsed lung and internal bleeding. Defendant lost control of his truck and crossed over into the client’s lane.

$900 Thousand Settlement
34-year-old female – Left arm amputated. Dump truck crossed into the client’s lane and hooked onto the client’s vehicle, causing the client’s vehicle to be dragged and flipped.

$3.5 Million Settlement
39-year-old female – Head trauma, large lacerations over body, spleen and kidney injuries. A concrete truck slid in a curve and was unable to regain control and struck client head on.

$3.65 Million Settlement
57-year-old female – Broken ribs, fractured spine, broken nose, internal bleeding. Hit by a semi-truck that was backing up on a highway.

$425 Thousand Settlement
58-year-old male – Broken shoulder, broken collar bone, 6 broken ribs, 5 broken ribs, bruised lung. Semi truck merged into his lane.

$1.1 Million Settlement
60-year-old female crushed every bone in foot. Dump truck backing down the road and struck client who was on a riding mower.

$315 Thousand Settlement
64-year-old male – Broken leg in six places requiring surgery. Passenger in a semi-truck asleep – does not know how the accident happened.

$700 Thousand Settlement
58-year-old female -Broken leg requiring surgery; fracture in lower back. Client was rear-ended by semi-truck and then hit another vehicle in front of her.

$2.252 Million Settlement
71-year-old female – Broken back, both legs broken, broken ribs. Rear-ended by a semi-truck while stopped which pushed them into another semi.

$600 Thousand Settlement
28-year-old female – Fractured hip and fracture leg. Driver of 18-wheeler pulled out into the path of the client.

$750 Thousand Settlement
55-year-old female – Fractured facial bones, orbital surgery, plates under both eyes, shoulder surgery, fractured arm. Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a gas truck.

$500 Thousand Settlement
48-year-old female – Collapsed vertebrae. Client was struck by a tractor trailer that turned into her vehicle.

$600 Thousand Settlement
46-year-old male – Neck surgery, nose, scalp abrasions, left arm sprain. Client was struck by a big rig that caused a chain reaction crash with two other vehicles.

$690 Thousand Settlement
42-year-old female – Serious internal injuries, multiple surgeries for internal injuries, fractured pelvis and ribs. Client’s vehicle was hit head-on by a truck pulling a brush chipper that swerved to miss another vehicle.

$875 Thousand Settlement
74-year-old male – Broken ribs, broken shoulder, collapsed lung, internal bleeding, was on a ventilator. Hit by a semi-truck that ran a red light.

$400 Thousand Settlement
52-year-old male – Stitches to head, injury to his arm, neck and back. Passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a big rig causing them to hit vehicle in front of them.

$1.3 Million Settlement
26-year-old female – Client died upon impact. Large rental truck struck client.

$1.37 Million Settlement
16-year-old female – Died on impact. She was a passenger in a vehicle when a truck swerved to miss a semi and then hit the semi causing the semi-truck to lose the load it was carrying onto vehicle.

$950 Thousand Settlement
41-year-old female – Fractured collarbone, cracked ribs, breastbone injury, dislocated hip, bruised spleen, cracked wrist, both legs crushed. 18-wheeler lost control in a curve and struck client head on.

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Car Accidents

$1.429 Million Settlement
A vehicle coming off the interstate darted across three lanes of traffic and t-boned a woman in her late-50’s. She sustained shattered bones in her eye and nose with a compound leg fracture. Immediately following the collision, she was airlifted to the nearest hospital.

$1 Million Settlement
Defendant lost control of his vehicle while driving too fast on wet roads. He further struck a 40-year-old woman and knocked her off of the road. She was trapped in her vehicle with a fractured leg, fractured eye socket, as well as internal bleeding before she was finally extracted by mechanical means.

$1 Million Settlement
69-year-old male – Fractured eye socket, had to have right foot rebuilt. Defendant failed to yield right of way to client.

$2.7 Million Settlement
43-year-old male – Serious injuries to eye, punctured lung, arm paralyzed, broken leg. Defendant turned in front of client.

$900 Thousand Settlement
40-year-old female – deceased. She had been over-served at a restaurant and was in a single-car accident.

$1.125 Million Settlement
28-year-old female – Two fractured ankles two fractured legs, two broken wrists; four surgeries, jaw, nose broken. Hit head-on by defendant.

$783 Thousand Settlement
17-year-old male – Severely fractured leg that required multiple surgeries. Client was pinned between a vehicle and a wall.

$1.25 Million Settlement
29-year-old female – Foot and ankle shattered, bone came through skin, knee and hip injury. Required multiple surgeries. Defendant vehicle crossed the center line and struck client head on.

$710 Thousand Settlement
70-year-old female – Client suffered lung contusions, unable to walk, tracheotomy, placed on respirator, and fed through a tube. Client was a passenger in a vehicle that pulled out in front of another vehicle.

$1.350 Million Settlement
39-year-old male – Brain Injury – Client was a backseat passenger in vehicle which caused accident by improper passing.

$700 Thousand Settlement
53-year-old female – Fractured right hand; fractured right foot, two surgeries. Defendant turned left in front of client.

Motorcycle Accidents

$1.5 Million Settlement
An 18-year-old male was killed on a motorcycle when a semi-truck did not see him, running him over. He was killed on impact and survived by his parents.

$1.025 Million Settlement
A semi-truck pulled out of a grocery store parking lot and did not see the motorcycle rider in his mid-50’s that he ended up colliding with. The motorcycle rider suffered a right leg amputation on impact and was airlifted to the nearest hospital for treatment of his leg, a traumatic brain injury and a fractured collarbone following the collision.

$1.475 Million Settlement
Man riding a motorcycle was struck on a highway by corrugating pipping that flew off a commercial vehicle. As the cars in front of him moved out of the way, he was unable to do so sustaining lifelong injuries, mainly to his right shoulder.

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Bus Accidents

$6.475 Million Settlement
Small child severely injured in an overturned school bus accident. She suffered a skull fracture with a traumatic brain bleed from the impact and was airlifted to the nearest hospital where she was treated for multiple weeks.

$2.325 Million Settlement
Woman in her mid-30’s suffering a brain injury and fractured pelvis after being a passenger in a vehicle that was struck in the rear by a charter bus. As a result of her injuries, she was in and out of a coma for several weeks.

$2.2 Million Settlement
19-year-old female – Brain damage, coma, fractured pelvis. Client was rear-ended by a motorcoach bus

$1.575 Million Settlement
35-year-old female – Deceased; brain swelling, broken collarbone, three broken ribs, broken breastbone and pelvis, strokes from brain swelling. Client was stopped in traffic when she was struck from behind by a bus causing her to spin around into another lane and struck by another vehicle.

Pedestrian Accidents

$1.5 Million Settlement
50-year-old male – Neck and shoulder injuries. Client was struck as a pedestrian.

Defective Drugs

$4 Million Settlement
38-year-old female – Product Liability case – Client took a defective drug causing her to have severe permanent heart damage.

You Deserve Justice & Compensation When Harmed

The case settlement amounts above reflect damages awarded for victims who have suffered challenging injuries and even loss of life. Some of those injuries in these cases have included:

  • Broken and crushed bones
  • Fractured hips
  • Lacerations
  • Bruised lungs
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Cervical damage
  • Multiple surgeries
  • Comas
  • Wrongful death

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