As reported by Fox 13 Memphis, on August 6, 2018 a young man was hit by a box truck while crossing a major Tennessee road. The victim, 20 year old Alandis Fifer, later passed away from the injuries. It was reported that Fifer did not use a crosswalk, and that the driver of the truck did not see Fifer until it was too late.

We reached national truck accident lawyer Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer — on the phone to get some quick feedback on how these truck and pedestrian cases generally work. Listen to the audio podcast and read transcript of conversation below.

Transcript of Audio Podcast With Truck Accident Lawyer Darryl Isaacs

When a pedestrian is hit by one of these commercial vehicles, but they’re not using a crosswalk, can action still be taken against a trucker or truck company when the pedestrian has not used a crosswalk?

The Hammer:
Yes, I mean in every accident case, everybody’s got duties. The pedestrian had duties, the truck driver had duties. So there is no perfect case, and you would just have to look at everything case by case and see who had what duties and who violated what.

In this particular case the police reported that the driver of the truck did not see the pedestrian. Is it possible that that could be negligence?

The Hammer:
Yes, again you’re going with what someone said. Yes there’s always the potential for negligence on what the driver did not see, did not do, or saw, or did. Again you have to look at the facts, possibly talk with some witnesses, get an accident reconstructionist out right away. A lot can be done, but it’s hard to find the answer without knowing more about the facts.

darryl isaacs quote - national truck accident lawyer

When someone unfortunately passes away in one of these truck accidents, should a family be reaching out to a truck accident lawyer? You know it’s a tough time for them. What are the next steps when the person can’t come forward because they’ve passed away?

The Hammer:
Well the representatives maybe want answers, they want an investigation. Yes they should talk to a lawyer who experienced in handling truck cases… any time you have any kind of accident it’s always a tragedy. But sometimes the lawyer can find answers and try to do justice for them.

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